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Circuit Breaker Sentinel (CBS)

The CBS monitors interrupter wear, integrity of the SF6 gas system, the circuit breaker mechanical system, the electrical control system and auxiliaries. It consists of a modular microprocessor unit and sensors. The CBS is readily available to be applied on all Hitachi Energy dead-tank breakers. Upon request, installation kits can be provided for Hitachi Energy GIS and live-tank breakers as well.  The current firmware version is 3.60.

CBS Lite

The CBS Lite is intended to be used in applications requiring high-end monitoring capabilities in a cost-effective package. The CBS Lite provides the same functionality as the regular CBS, with the exception that contact travel is simulated, not measured. The CBS Lite is offered for installation on both Hitachi Energy and non-Hitachi Energy single-pressure SF6 circuit breakers.  The current firmware version is 3.58.


The CBS Lite CSA is a variant of the CBS Lite. As with the Lite, the CBS Lite CSA can be installed in both Hitachi Energy and non-Hitachi Energy single pressure SF6 circuit breakers. The difference between the two products is the replacement of heater monitoring with 3 coil signature analysis inputs.  The current firmware version is 3.57.


The CBS-F6 gas monitor is intended to be used in applications not requiring the full monitoring capability of the existing CBS or CBS Lite. It provides the same algorithms that are used in the CBS device today, but strictly monitors gas pressure, temperature and temperature compensated pressure. The CBS-F6 can be applied to any SF6 filled switchgear, both Hitachi Energy and non-Hitachi Energy.  The current firmware version is 3.53.


The CBS line of devices monitor up to three separate gas zones and supply temperature compensated pressure data either wirelessly to a remote location or locally at the breaker.  The CBS devices work on all of the following equipment:

  • CBS, CBS lite and CBS F6: Hitachi Energy SF6 Circuit Breakers (dead tank, live tank, hybrid, GIS)
  • CBS lite: Any brand of SF6 OEM circuit breakers (dead tank, live tank, hybrid, GIS)
  • Includes gang and independent pole operation
  • Any type of mechanism
  • Any type of breaker application (line switching, reactor switching etc.)

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Hitachi Energy is the only supplier that offers a truly complete end-to-end solution: starting from the device and corresponding engineering services up to a full scale risk based asset management system.
  • The CBS family offers solutions for all types and applications of high voltage circuit breakers from any brand. Thus, it can be directly used for fleet monitoring applications.
  • Our equipment monitoring packages provide a “Smart Grid” compliant solution that continually monitors the health of a circuit breaker and our devices are available as a factory installed option or field retrofit.
  • We have expert technical staff to assist customers from evaluation to installation and user process.
Features CBS CBS Lite CBS Lite CSA CBS-F6
Monitor integrity of SF6 gas system 1 or 3 zones 3 zones 3 zones 3 zones
Monitor status of close/trip coils and auxiliary switches x x x  
Monitor mechanism charging system x x x  
Monitor operation of cabinet and tank heaters x x    
Record circuit breaker phase currents, travel characteristics, operating times and number of operations x x** x**  
Record short-term and long-term history of pressure, temperature and temperature compensated pressure x x x x
Log operations, alarms, motor starts and thermostat operation x x x  
Determine wear of interrupter arcing contacts and nozzles x* I2t only I2t only  
Modbus, DNP3.0 Serial Communications Yes Yes Yes Yes
Modbus, DNP3.0 Ethernet Communications Board External External External External

* Wear algorithms for Hitachi Energy specific breakers
** Travel characteristics are not included

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