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e-mesh™ for utilities

Successfully integrate cost-effective renewable energy into an existing or isolated grid, reducing CO2 emissions while ensuring continued operations and mitigating outages with power reliability and resiliency.

Every utility has evolved to reflect its unique blend of history, operating environment, and customer base. Each has its own infrastructure and processes that shape operations and maintenance, so utilities need to develop flexible systems that solve the challenges they face.

Electric utilities systems face growing demand but are also becoming more decentralized and reliant on intermittent renewable resources. To smooth this transition while continuing to provide reliable power, utilities are embracing grid edge technologies.

Hitachi Energy Grid Edge Solutions’ e-mesh portfolio helps utilities manage the energy transition by developing decentralized systems with energy storage, advanced automation, and digital services, enabling high penetration of renewables.

Learn more about the different use cases in the utilities space, it’s specific challenges and solutions, please download our brochure.