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e-mesh™ SCADA

Overview of distributed energy assets with intelligent visualization
Simplified SCADA solution for monitor and control of traditional and renewable energy assets and connected loads.

Hitachi Energy e-mesh™ SCADA is an in-house designed and developed SCADA platform which ensures the optimized control and reliable operation of your traditional and renewable energy assets. It enables seamless integration and connectivity between various energy sources via e-mesh™ control system. It has an Intuitive and informative user interface that enables safe and fast real-time operations.

e-mesh SCADA is based on Hitachi Energy's flagship SCADA platform MicroSCADA Pro which is future proof and highly regarded in the industry for its reliability, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. e-mesh SCADA library integrates various energy assets from renewable generators to the power grid into a single automated management system for intelligent visualization.

e-mesh SCADA provides a complete system for cohesive plant monitoring, diagnostics, and control. Inbuilt historian features help to collect and store various types of data in a secure database. The database is designed to archive a high volume of data over a long time with high accuracy & reliability. The platform has strong and resilient cybersecurity features for secure communication with external networks and complies with multiple industrial de facto communication standards.

For more information, please download our brochure and datasheet.

Key features

  • Real time monitoring, control and optimization of energy assets.
  • Overview of various energy sources with intelligent visualization
  • Scalable platform that is easily extendable
  • Cost effective due to its low life-cycle costs
  • It safeguards your investment with support to an extensive range of communication protocols
  • Standard interfaces for seamless integration of various energy assets.

Key Benefits

  • Safe data achieving over many years
  • Provides ergonomic visualization to system operator to make informed decision
  • Maximizes renewables utilization to reduce carbon footprint
  • User friendly engineering tools for application specific modifications

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