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Release of System Data Manager SDM600 Ver. 1.1 Feature Pack 1 Hotfix 2


Affected Products

System Data Manager SDM600 1.1 FP1 (including previous HotFixes)

This Hotfix includes corrections for the following functional issues in SDM600 1.1 FP1 HotFix1:

  1. Adding a custom device without IP address (#23047)
    Modifying custom device without IP address caused a generic "Error 100”
  2. DR Trigger channel for COMTRADE 1991 (#23136)
    Trigger Channel for DR files with COMTRADE 1991 standard, is corrected.
  3. Calculation of available device license (#23049)
    The calculation of available device licenses for different functionality in Parent-Child configurations has been corrected.

Previous HotFix1

This Hotfix also includes corrections previously released with SDM600 1.1 FP1 HotFix1:

  1. Opening the disturbance recorder file evaluation tool (#22295, #21570)
    Opening the disturbance recorder file evaluation tool (ABB WaveWin) on remote computers was failing. The code signing certificate of the SDM600 Silverlight application is now added to the “Trusted Publisher” on the remote computer. This requires to download and re-install the “ABB SDM600 certificates” from the SDM600 server.
  2. SDM600 parent child connections (#22296)
    On non-English Windows operating systems it was not possible to establish SDM600 parent-child relationships.
  3. Adding RADIUS devices to CAM configuration (#21663)
    When adding a RADIUS device to the SDM600 CAM configuration it was not saved properly. After logging out of SDM600 the RADIUS was no longer working for the device (160517-000056).
  4. Validity of generated certificates (#19156)
    The validity of certificates for e.g. the Windows Event Forwarder Installer was longer than the one from its root certificate. This caused an error when generating the Windows Event Forwarder installer.
  5. Adding a custom device without IP address (#21992)
    Adding a custom device without providing an IP address caused a generic “Error 100”.
  6. Deleting a user without confirmation (#22276)
    A confirmation dialog is shown prior to deleting a user.
  7. Importing security event mapping rules (#22292)
    Importing security event mapping rules on a remote computer failed.
  8. IIS service startup failure (#19150)
    The “World Wide Web Publishing” service was not started, even though the status in the Windows control panel was indicated as “started”. As a workaround the service has been configured with the “Automatic (Delayed Start)” option.
  9. License problems after some period of continuous operation (#22293)
    It has been reported that the hardware key based licensing stopped working after some time. This hotfix will install a newer version of the Hardware Key driver software.
  10. Short Report generation tool random crashes (#22294)
    In special circumstances the Short Report generation failed and the process was not stopped, which caused the system to be non responsive due to large RAM consumption.
  11. HRC License status Information about child devices is not correct on Parent (#22303)
    The license information about a child SDM600 on the parent system was not correct.
  12. Importing DR files with COMTRADE 1991 failed (#22652)
    DR Files with COMTRADE 1991 .cfg file could cause the DR file import to stop working.


It is recommended to upgrade all existing SDM600 1.1 FP1installations to this Hotfix2 (SDM600 1.1 FP1 Hotfix 2) release.

It is also recommended to disable the “Automatic short report generation” in the SDM600 configuration before adding new devices to SDM600. The “Automatic short report generation” can be activated once all historical DR files of the IEDs are uploaded to the SDM600, to avoid high CPU load.

Known Issues

When both, Centralized Account Management for Windows PC and Windows Event Forwarder are installed on one machine, two certificates with the same name will be imported to the Windows certificate store. This will prevent Windows Event Forwarder from transmitting data. As a workaround one certificate needs to be removed.


Backup the current SDM600 configuration (using the Configuration – Backup and Restore functionality)

Download and run the SDM600.FullInstaller 1.1 FP1 HF2.exe Existing SDM600 1.1 systems will automatically be migrated to this version (including User accounts, disturbance recorder files and security event data).

A reboot of the Computer is required after the SDM600 1.1 FP1 Hotfix2 installation.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Obrist

Global Product Manager

Grid Automation Products


SDM600 System Data Manager

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