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SVC for mitigation of dynamic constraints on intertie between RSA and Namibia

To cope with a fast growing economy and to provide safe electric energy supply to the mining and mineral industry in Namibia, a 900 km 400 kV AC transmission system to interconnect the networks of NamPower in Namibia and Eskom in South Africa was put into operation in 2000. 

With the introduction of this 400 kV inter connection, however, the considerable length of the line contributed to and aggravated certain inherent problems in the NamPower system, mainly voltage stability and near 50 Hz resonance. To overcome these shortcomings, A Static Var Compensator (SVC) rated at 250 Mvar inductive to 80 Mvar capacitive was supplied to NamPower by Hitachi Energy at the Auas 400 kV substation as a Turnkey commitment. The SVC was commissioned in 2000. Taken together, the new 400 kV line and the installation of the Auas SVC ensure reliable supply of electric energy as a vehicle for economic growth in Namibia. 

The NamPower grid consists of a radial network with its bulk generation supplied from the Ruacana hydro station in the north through a 520 km 330 kV transmission circuit and is interconnected to Eskom in the south through the 400 kV interconnection. The main consumption areas are in the centre of the country nearby the capital Windhoek and in the north where mining and mineral industry are located. Small coal fired generators at Van Eck are used during emergencies to supply the load centre nearby in Windhoek.

Main data
System SVC
Commissioning year 2000
Controlled voltage 400 kV
Dynamic range -250/+180 Mvar
Control system The Control System (MACH 2) is of fully redundant design. 
Thyristor valve The Auas SVC has an individual cooling system for each TCR valve.

AUAS: SVC for mitigation of dynamic constraints on intertie between RSA and Namibia