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Electrical energy in cement and glass industry

Cemento e vetro

L'industria del cemento e del vetro è altamente energetica. L'energia elettrica deve essere prontamente disponibile quando serve, cioè sempre. Con le nostre attrezzature, superiamo questo requisito. Affidabilità, qualità dell'energia e manutenzione predittiva sono al centro della progettazione dei nostri prodotti e sistemi.


The cement and glass industries are incredibly energy intensive. From the mixing, kilning and curing of cement, through to the production and molding of molten glass using high-temperature furnaces, these processes and operations require a reliable, secure and modern power system that works across the entire operational chain.

From material mixing to the furnace

We understand the significance of the challenges your industry faces as high-quality production, workers’ health and safety and the environment all compete to be at the top of your organization’s agenda, all whilst protecting your bottom line.

Our broad portfolio of services and digital solutions empowers our cement and glass customers with intelligent, real-time data and predictive maintenance insights that increase production efficiencies and operational profitability improvements.

From the design, planning and construction of glass furnaces and factory plants, our personalized and intelligent solutions promise to strengthen your sustainability strategy as we navigate challenges facing heavy industries. 

Delivering expertise and partnership to our customers around the globe

Hitachi Energy is the world leader in providing electrification and grid connection solutions for industrial, utility and transportation sectors​.

We deliver proven experience in the electrification of industrial processes and facilities for improved power quality, efficient energy management and digital solutions that drive change​ and deliver real business value.

Your path to the future is here. Are you ready to get started? Discover our cement and glass energy solutions

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