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DGA interpretation and redefining online DGA CoreSense Technology

Learning about the status of transformers from samples of insulating oil – and even without sampling oil, using CoreSense Technology.



Hashim Malik

Digital Lead for Middle East & Africa
Hitachi Energy

MBA International Commercial from Stockholm, Sweden.

Over the past 11 years, he held several positions in Hitachi Energy covering HVDC Transformers, LMPT Transformers, Service Transformers and worked in several countries.

Currently based in Dubai as Digital Lead for Hub APMEA (Asia Pacific Middle East and Africa) originally, his home base is Ludvika, Sweden.

Mats O. Dahlund

Principal Engineer
Hitachi Energy

Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Uppsala University.​

​30 years in Hitachi Energy, mainly with testing, specification, and maintenance of transformer oil.​

Since 20 years based in Ludvika, currently at Power Grids/Transformer Service​

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DGA interpretation and redefining online DGA CoreSense Technology.