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Product Release Västerås, Sweden 04-03-2021

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Conformal coating for 670 and 650 series

Hitachi ABB Power Grids is pleased to announce that Relion® 670 and 650 series version 2.2 protection, control and monitoring relays are now provided with conformal coating for their electronic modules as standard. The conformal coating makes the relays very resilient in harsh environments or very humid ones, as specified in the ANSI/ISA S71.04 class G3.

Products applicable

The announcement covers the following devices of version 2.2: REB670, REC670, RED670, REG670, REL670, RER670, RES670, RET670, REB650, REC650, RED650, REL650, REQ650 and RET650.

Tests conducted

The tests were conducted in the Eurofins laboratories in Germany and comprised different sessions where the relays were exposed to corrosive substances (sulphur dioxide SO2, hydrogen sulphide H2S) and compounds (H2S+NO2+Cl2+SO2) for 21 days, as per IEC 60068 and ANSI/ISA S71.04 class G3.

User benefits

The known reliability of the Relion® 670 and 650 series will now be available even in harsh environments, making the relays very suitable for oil & gas industry and windfarm platforms.

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