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Meet Our People Zurich, Switzerland 08-07-2020

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Muath Naser - My Power Grids Story

I feel privileged to be Power Grids because it is a one of a kind entity which recognizes the value of the employee’s efforts and fosters the collaboration between the teams.

It has been a continuing journey for me, navigating the organization in the past years in different positions, countries, and circumstances. What I could say differentiates our team is the positive working atmosphere that prevails. This true not only during the flourishing booming period but even during the recession and economy downturn.  Indeed, the Power Grids’ team believes in the positive mindset as a source of creativity, agility and business commitment, while keeping an open line of communications, diversity, and culture. Hitachi ABB Power Grids offers every employee a fair chance to grow, explore new challenges and adapt own ideas in-line with its business core values, principles, and ethics.

As a matter of fact, I’ve been consistently overwhelmed by the support that the PG team have extended to me; I’ve always felt guided in terms of leadership insights, career advice, and opportunities to grow, which helped me to stay fully attuned and up to bar with the expectations and current market trends.

With a paramount support and ‘open access’ to our experts globally, “We”— the PGHV team in MEA region — remain committed towards delivering and achieving the highest market standards and constantly contributing and enriching the lives of our stakeholders through our latest state of the art green technologies such as Eco GIS and digital smart solutions that support a greener and smarter grid.

With our admirable continuous effort to improve our processes, I believe that we will get our customer’s ultimate trust and approval, owing to our smooth execution and exceptional end-user satisfaction.

Last but not least, observing the latest move toward the integration with the Giant Hitachi, I’m so much curious and enticed to our future together and eager to positively contribute in writing our future toward—a leaner and smarter technology, while keeping a robust organization.