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Semi-pantograph disconnector DSSP

Maximum reliability and minimal maintenance

The DSSP disconnectors are available up to 245 kV, 4000 A and 50 kA. The semi-pantograph disconnector is suitable for substations with a small installation area and is used when busbars are arranged at two different levels. It can be installed in line or perpendicular with the overhead bus and applicable for both flexible and rigid busbars.

Main features

  • Minimized contact resistance
  • Main current path open structure for superior thermal performance and easy for rating upgrading
  • Reliable electrical contact
  • Reliable mechanical joints with anti-corrosion
  • Ice breaking capacity

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Worldwide experience
  • Maximum reliability and minimal maintenance
  • Energy efficient solution
  • Easy and quick erection
  • Reliable and smooth operation
  • Suitable for wide range of environmental conditions

Brief performance data

Rated voltage (kV) 123 145 245
Rated current (A) up to 4000
Short time withstand current (kA) up to 50
Power frequency withstand voltage
· against earth 230 275 460
· across isolating distance 265 315 530
Lightning impulse withstand voltage
· against earth 550 650 1050
· across isolating distance 630 750 1200

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