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Full converter (SFC Light)

Hitachi Energy is pioneering the hydro pumped storage application with full converter solutions, giving maximum performance and flexibility for Hydro customers. The full converter concept allows to continuously vary the machine rotating speed from standstill to nominal while providing nominal torque in the whole frequency range. This reduces switchover times and increases hydraulic efficiency, through that optimizing the operating time and the returns for pumped storage power plant operators. 

Hydro SFC Light is a converter that has been designed to meet stringent requirements of the hydro pumped storage application: the use of robust and loss optimized semiconductors ensures highest efficiency, reliability and long lifetime of the converter. A modular converter allows to use standardized cells while at the same time matching the project specific demand. 

Sophisticated control algorithms allow to ensure compliance with demanding grid codes. The mechanical design supports the high availability through fast and easy access to all components and minimized maintenance and replacement times.

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