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TenneT, Hitachi Energy and Petrofac

Hybrid HVDC breaker - Enabling the DC grids of the future

Learn more about how the Hybrid HVDC Breaker from Hitachi Energy can help to shape the DC grids of the future and increase access to reliable and affordable energy for all.

News and highlights

Enabling the grid of the future

The Hybrid HVDC breaker is a cornerstone for a reliable and sustainable grid based on renewable power

Basic principles

A 3D visualization of how the Hybrid HVDC breaker works

How does it work?

Combining mechanics and power electronics the Hybrid HVDC breaker solves the challenge

Hybrid HVDC breaker

For reliable isolation of faults on point-to-point HVDC transmission

World's first DC grid in China

Delivery of wind energy through the Zhangbei HVDC grid will ensure more stable and reliable electricity to Beijing

The hybrid HVDC breaker

Hitachi Energy achieves another milestone in electrical engineering

PROMOTioN in a nutshell

Part of EU Horizon 2020 program and modernization of the European electricity grid

Podcasts - Learn more about DC-grids and the Hybrid HVDC breaker

The development of HVDC - Innovating for the future

The DC revival

AC and DC: from conflict to collaboration

The birth of HVDC

From the 1920th until today, HVDC has continued to pioneer power transmission.

Hitachi Energy's proud HVDC heritage

The people, technology and projects from more than 60 years of innovation


How a DC grid will help deliver more power with less environmental impact

Innovations in DC technology

Technologies based on DC can dramatically improve efficiency in many applications

From ‘joining the dots’ to ‘connecting the lines’

The evolving grid needs to be increasingly flexible, and interconnected to address new challenges

Get to know more

Hybrid HVDC breaker

Find more detailed description of the Hybrid HVDC breaker, its design principals and test results.

Hitachi Energy HVDC technology

Hitachi Energy has delivered more than half of all HVDC projects worldwide

PROMOTioN EU-project

About HVDC offshore grids on the basis of cost-effective and reliable technological innovation