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Current transformer SCXM (15 - 38 kV)

Compact, outdoor, oil-filled distribution class, wide range, high accuracy, wound type current transformer

SCXM outdoor rated distribution class oil-filled current transformers are compact wound type designs intended for high accuracy revenue metering.  These current transformers are built-to-order to customer specifications.  SCXM current transformers can meet most revenue metering applications due to the special wide range capability of the design with up to two independent cores from 15 kV to 38 kV.  This current transformer is available with ANSI 70 gray porcelain insulators as the standard.  Hermetic sealing of the design is accomplished using a gas cushion above the oil in the tank to prevent free-breathing outside moisture-laden air.

The SCXM provides reliable performance in service due to the conservative insulation system used at the lower distribution voltages.


  • Wide range high accuracy revenue metering
  • Independent power production metering

Why Hitachi Energy?

For revenue metering on critical loads, this conservative oil-paper insulated current transformer is extremely reliable for this lower voltage application where users have experienced problems with dry type units.  SCXM current transformer's wide range of performance from 0.5% nominal current to 400% nominal current covers any practical span of current metering in most applications.  Given the flexible construction, the design is very adaptable for meeting the most demanding applications.  Hitachi Energy offers our users unique advantages as follows: 

  • Excellent application engineering support to ensure the optimum solution for the success of your projects
  • Designed for diverse environmental conditions - from polar to desert
  • Ability to match solutions to critical applications such as wide range metering
  • Distribution style format offers durable self-healing oil insulation for lower voltage use, providing superior performance at a competitive price
  • Dielectrically stringent production includes hermetically sealed design with 100% partial discharge testing

Brief performance data

Installation Outdoor
Design Wound (tank) type
Insulation Oil-paper
Highest voltage for equipment 15 - 38 kV
Max. primary current  Up to 1,200 A
Short-circuit current Up to 90 kA/1 sec
Insulators Porcelain
Creepage distance ≥ 20 mm/kV (longer by request)
Service condition              
  • Ambient temperature
-40 ºC to +40 ºC (standard)
  • Design altitude
Maximum 1000 m (standard)
  *Other temperatures and altitudes are possible 
Accuracy Meets all IEEE high accuracy meeting classes (0.15% and 0.15s)  
*0.15s stable from 0.5% to 400% nominal current - 1,200 A max

IEC Cl 0.2 and Cl 0.2s also available by request

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