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Fast recovery diodes

Diodes can be subdivided into two main classes: Rectifier diodes (standard recovery) and fast diodes. Rectifier diodes are generally used for conversion of AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current). While optimized for low conduction losses, Rectifier diodes withstand only moderate dynamic stress in transition from conducting to the blocking state.

Fast diodes, on the other hand, are companion devices to switches in DC to AC conversion. Every switch (GTO, IGCT or IGBT) requires a complementary diode (e.g. for "free-wheeling" reactive power) in order to enable operation of the DC-AC conversion system with inductive loads.

Fast diodes are optimized to accept high dynamic stress (fast transition from conducting to blocking state). However, they generally have higher conduction losses than rectifier diodes. For every switch family (GTO, IGCT and IGBT), we offer fast diodes that are optimized for the switch application.

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Part number VRRM (V) IFAVM (A) IFSM (kA) Qrr (µC)  VDC (V) Package* (mm) Offer
5SDF 13H4501 4500 1200 25.0  - 2800 94/63 Request
5SDF 10H6004 6000 1100 18.0  - 3800 94/63 Request

*Note: maximum diameter / pole-piece diameter

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