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Features 05-07-2021

1 min read

New 60Pak diode and thyristor modules

New BiPolar power modules feature industry-standard housings and lowest losses, together with highest operating temperatures.

We have followed-up the launch of the 60Pak diode module at the beginning of this year with the new 60Pak thyristor module.

The 60Pak module family provides the ultimate in reliability and is the epitome of quality. It features the lowest losses and highest operating temperatures in an industry-standard housing.

Whether efficiently driving industrial motors, smoothly controlling fans and pumps, or supplying power to demanding applications, failure is not an option. These new products wrap Hitachi Energy’s best-quality products in a standard industrial housing, delivering the highest performance, outstanding reliability and increased overload capability.

Data sheets, a product note, and further information are available on our website.

Should you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.