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Digital Substation

Smart Digital Substations

The next-generation digital substation

The world’s use of energy for transportation, buildings, and the industry is shifting quickly to carbon-free electric power generation. With a rapid expansion of distributed generation technology and new customer loads to be served, the electric grid needs to keep pace. 

Read this ARC Advisory Group white paper to learn how today’s “digital substations” have evolved to meet these challenges and are becoming smarter.

Imagine if you could:

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See how Smart Digital Substations drive digital transformation

Smart Substations are in the future of all electrical utilities. Hitachi Energy's Smart Digital Substation technology helps reduce costs, increase system reliability, and is applicable for new and retrofit installations of air and gas-insulated switchgear substations. 

Once digitalized, enterprise-level asset performance management systems allow utilities to plan substation maintenance like never before and bring new levels of efficiency to utility operations. 

Reduce your carbon footprint with digital substations

Another key benefit of digital substations is their seamless integration into eco-friendly power initiatives. The momentum to employ distributed energy resources (DERs) and reduce carbon emissions continue to grow worldwide.

Become more energy-conscious with digital substation technology by Hitachi Energy and start delivering energy from the point of generation to the consumer in an environmentally friendly way.

germany renewable energy goal by 2030
apple data center using renewable energy since 2014
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See for yourself what Digital Substations can do for you.

As a global leader and pioneer in substation automation, communications and protection, we offer world-class solutions to ensure reliable power transmission and distribution. Our comprehensive portfolio provides you with improved visibility for protection, control, and monitoring resulting in increased reliability and customer satisfaction while ensuring a greater return on investment.

ARC View

Hitachi Energy’s New Smart Digital Substation Drives Digital Transformation of the Power Sector

A digital substation provides unmatched control and efficiency

Learn about key technologies in this brochure.

What is a digital substation and how can it maximize power reliability and increase efficiency?


Why transition to a digital substation?

This introduction to the digital substation includes an overview of the many potential benefits. In the second half of the webinar, we discuss advanced features related to simulation and testing.

Digital substation: addressing your cybersecurity fears

This webinar will help allay your fear of the digital unknown. We’ll discuss cybersecurity requirements to secure substation automation protection and control systems and the interfaces into the utility enterprise.

FITNESS – Future Intelligent Transmission NEtwork SubStation

To mark the successful close of the FITNESS project, SP Energy Networks and key partners organized this webinar to share the key learning points and outcomes from the project and, more importantly, to share the plan going forward. Hear the voice of a transmission system operator on how they integrated a digital substation.

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