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To extend the life of your assets, Hitachi Energy provides advanced services to be performed on-site, aiming to maintain the performance of the transformer for which specific equipment and a higher degree of expertise are required. It is usually linked with diagnostic tests and possible engineering studies to clearly determine the most appropriate route of action and ensure a condition-based maintenance plan.


Typical Advanced Maintenance Services Other Advanced Maintenance Services
  • Maintenance undertaken during an outage typically every 3-5 years
  • Includes electrical measurements and testing
  • Tap-changer services package can be customized to include inspection, oil sampling, or maintenance interval services to ensure the reliable operation of your tap-changer
  • Oil services, including drying, de-gassing, and reclaiming
Advanced Maintenanace for Transformers Service

Oil Services

Tap-changer Services

  • Annual visual inspections of motor-drive mechanism, heater, oil
  • Oil sampling and diagnostics with recommendations
  • Interval maintenance checks based on OEM guidelines
  • Contact replacements as needed
  • Latest upgrade kits

TXLife Advance Maintenance Package

  • Oil analysis
  • Functional electrical testing
  • Review of operating parameters
  • Testing of protection and control devices
  • Tap-changer maintenance
  • Condition assessment based on on-site data collected by our team

Routine Maintenance

Hitachi Energy provides preventive actions to be performed on-site that aim to maintain the performance of your transformers.

Transformers Parts

Hitachi Energy provides high-quality spare parts and consumables, sub-assemblies, or complete finished products for the maintenance of an existing installation.

Oil Regeneration or Reclamation

Hitachi Energy offers an oil reclamation or regeneration process whereby oil is processed to achieve a significant condition improvement, aimed at being as close to “as new” as possible by removing aging products.

On-site low frequency heating (LFH) drying

Hitachi Energy offers a plant and process concept that underlines the importance of assessing the insulation system's moisture and temperature. Temperature and vacuum are the main factors for drying speed and drying quality.


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Assistenza per trasformatori

Le risorse obsolete, l’aumento della domanda di energia e la necessità critica di evitare interruzioni impreviste stanno mettendo alla prova le aziende di servizi di pubblica utilità e gli industriali di tutto il mondo. Il portafoglio di servizi di Hitachi Energy consente alle aziende di servizi di pubblica utilità e agli industriali di massimizzare il ritorno sulle risorse dei trasformatori garantendo un’affidabilità elevata accompagnata da un abbassamento dei costi del ciclo di vita e garantendo prestazioni ottimizzate e la riduzione dell’impatto ambientale.
Hitachi Energy Power Transformers


Hitachi Energy offre trasformatori di distribuzione e di potenza, trasformatori di tipo a secco ed EconiQ™, nonché servizi per applicazioni industriali e commerciali.