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Meet Our People China 01-03-2022

3 min read

ChanYuan Wang, Women in Service

HVDC Service engineer - ChanYuan Wang

I’m ChanYuan Wang, a HVDC Service engineer from the China Local Service Center. HVDC is one of the most popular technologies that will support the integration of clean energy into the grid. And I am working with the “brain” of HVDC technology – the Control and Protection System. The HVDC Service Team is responsible for maintaining all the installed bases for our reference projects. In China, there are over 30 sites that we continuously maintain and update for our customers.

Almost all HVDC projects in China are transferring exceptionally large power from the power generation sites to the loading area. My work is one of the processes to make sure the system works well so no blackouts occur.

For all install bases, we perform Annual Maintenance Outages for them. For one station, I usually work on-site during the annual outage period to give a complete examination of the Control and Protection System. Together with our colleagues, we ensure the smooth operation of each HVDC project for our customers.

The characteristic of our work requires a lot of travel for most of the year. People assume that men are more suitable for this type of business travel. But I will tell you, female engineers can also do well.

We won the Best Team award from our customer Fengxian Station for helping them have a safe and stable operation. Usually for these types of projects, the planned outage time is very short to minimize the impact. Under these conditions, working hours are tight. Our team of field engineers essentially need to prioritize and accurately manage, so that the maintenance work can be completed on time with high quality.

We guarantee 24/7 response

In our daily work, I can provide any professional support in time to help our clients. Even during the holidays, I can also provide online support. As an engineer, good service and steadfast integrity of work attitude is highly recognized by our customers. And I take pride in this.

There is strong cohesion in our team. We trust and support each other, which makes it the most ideal environment for a service team. It makes me happy that I am progressing in this job which keeps me determined to do challenging work. It is one of the reasons why I am proud to be Hitachi Energy.

For other days that I work in the office, I am responsible for software and hardware upgrading and testing to meet our customer requirements. I take lead in circuit board testing work, including setting up the test platform, standardizing the test process, controlling the test quality. This is to ensure that we deliver circuit boards of the best quality. Also, I perform internal training for new employees, and occasionally support Sales to complete the related work of technical bidding documents. 

I am so proud of working together with my team members to implement MACH3 and introduce it to the China market. MACH3 is one of the most powerful Control and Protection System in the world. It is developed in Sweden, and it is new to China’s projects. Our team has made significant contributions to transfer and localize this system, as we perform several successful upgrades to China’s install bases. 

With the development of MACH3 in China, it is increasingly being recognized by more customers. Our success in projects like CEPRI Replica, 3GC DC filter upgrades and QX3400 OCT MU upgrades not only show our team and individual work abilities, but also the many opportunities for our enterprise to expand in this market. This makes HVDC systems easier to maintain and more stable to run. It is a win-win on both sides.