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Meet Our People Drammen, Norway 31-03-2022

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Tove Nicolaysen, Women in Service

Tove Nicolaysen, #ProudToBeHitachiEnergy

My name is Tove, Engineering Manager here in Drammen, Norway. I started working in this company in 2007, as an engineer at the oil laboratory. The laboratory analyzes gases and does different oil tests to check the condition of both the transformer and the insulating oil. In 2011, I became the oil laboratory manager and from 2018 engineering manager. From the oil laboratory, we are involved as well in both electrical and mechanical design, and work with service engineers who do commissioning, troubleshooting, different condition assessments and tests of the transformers. 

I lead by example. When someone expresses biased attitudes, I speak up to point it out and discuss to make sure that everyone is aware. Bias is simply the tendency to have preferences and it could be a barrier towards being more mindful and taking proactive steps to address them.

I have been part of hiring women in Hitachi Energy. All the women working here have built a strong bond and have a shared common goal at work and for the company. We even normally meet for dinner. I help them out and offer support if anyone experiences anything difficult. 

Continuous improvements are something I am proud of 

Working closely together with my colleagues, we have increased efficiency and effectiveness of processes in the oil laboratory. For instance, we used to put the sample bottles on the bench next to the instruments used for analysis. When the sample was analyzed, we moved the bottle to the next instrument. Now we have all bottles in trolleys and bring them with us from one instrument to another. We use hair bands in distinct colors to show which bottle is the next for the different tests.  It looks like a small improvement, but with us processing around 3,000 to 4,000 bottles each year, it matters. 

I love to contribute to a greener world by working in Hitachi Energy. In Drammen, we have been reclaiming oil since the mid 90s, saving oil exchanges and lots of CO2-equivalents.