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A power loss and thermal simulation tool is available to help designers improve the energy efficiency and performance of power converters.

SEMIS evaluates semiconductor parameters and control strategies in more than 20 circuits to swiftly determine critical elements that will improve converter efficiency, cost and lifetime for an application. Simulations are based on the widely available Plecs® Software and provides detailed graphical and numerical reports covering currents, voltages, power losses and junction temperatures. SEMIS’ models use typical data sheet values. These include matrices with losses per switch in terms of temperature or on-state loss in terms of conducted current and temperature.

- Turn on loss per switching event

- Turn off loss per switching event

- On state loss during conduction condition

- Thermal impedance

Although simulations are based on data sheet values and validated calculations, it is recommended that further investigation and real testing of the final required circuits is carried out to ensure longevity and safety of the application.

For analysis of more complex circuits or customer specific elements parameters, contact the nearest Hitachi Energy sales representative who can advise on the application engineering support offered by Hitachi Energy Switzerland Ltd, Semiconductors. The models and data sheet values used by the SEMIS web tool may be subjected to changes, improvements or corrections without prior notice and therefore the data should be used for information only. Hitachi Energy Switzerland Ltd, Semiconductors cannot take any responsibility or liability for the information provided through the SEMIS web tool. We reserve all rights in the simulated Hitachi EnergySemiconductor products and the information contained in the respective Hitachi Energy Product Model. Any reproduction or modification of the SEMIS tool or the Hitachi Energy Product Models for commercial purposes, without our prior written consent, is not allowed.

For further information or recommendations, please contact Hitachi Energy Switzerland Ltd, Semiconductors.

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