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Humanising Energy

Le Persone promuovono un futuro energetico sostenibile per tutti


Prodotta da BBC Story Works Commercial Productions, la serie Humanising Energy presenta 3 nuove storie di Hitachi Energy. Scoprite le persone, la passione e le tecnologie che stanno dietro alla transizione energetica, concentrandovi sulla promozione di un futuro energetico sostenibile per tutti.

Sustainable mines play an essential role in the carbon-neutral society
Hitachi Energy is enabling Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara Aktiebolag (LKAB), an established global mining company based in Kiruna Sweden, to fulfil their vision to lead the transformation of mining towards a sustainable future. With the help of Power Consulting’s strategic analysis and modeling-capabilities, LKAB can achieve their goal of carbon-neutral operations by 2045. Together, we are creating a brighter future for generations to come.
Connecting the world's largest offshore wind farm to power six million homes in the UK
Hitachi Energy’s High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology will enable SSE Renewables and partners to transmit energy from Dogger Bank Wind Farm, the biggest offshore wind farm in the world. When finalized, the Dogger Bank Wind Farm will be connected to the UK power grid and able to transmit the renewable electricity it generates to power 6 million UK homes.The Dogger Bank Offshore Wind Farm is a joint venture partnership between SSE Renewables, Equinor and Plenitude
Our people and technology behind the energy transition
For over a century, many of Hitachi Energy’s transformer factories across the world have been an integral part of people’s lives. One of those places is Ludvika, an idyllic town set amidst pristine forests and lakes in Sweden, producing some of the largest transformers in the world. Behind the transformers are our highly skilled and passionate people who continue to make tailor-made transformers by hand with great care. Our rich history and deep connection in this small town have allowed families to work for us for decades and across generations towards a sustainable energy future.
Fighting wildfires with innovation in Australia
In Victoria, Australia, Hitachi Energy played a significant role in building a climate-resilient and reliable grid, effectively mitigating risks of wildfire in the area. The Spark Prevention Unit is an innovative technology that prevents sparks or arcing from surge arresters, putting a stop to fires breaking out even before they start. Victoria’s resilient grid goes beyond preventing fires, it protects communities, wildlife and the environment.
The quality of life for cities of the future
In Nantes, France, Hitachi Energy’s unique flash-charging technology, Grid-eMotion™ Flash, is helping the city to transition to sustainable mobility. Grid-eMotion Flash enables Semitan, the bus operator, to flash-charge its e-buses within seconds at passenger stops. Moreover, the reduced size of the batteries increases passenger capacity. Thanks to this solution, passengers now enjoy a cleaner, quieter and smoother journey.
Resilience in a remote fishing town
In Cordova, Alaska, we helped to establish a microgrid that supports the adoption of renewable power from multiple sources. This enables the community to reduce its reliance on diesel.

La tecnologia HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) di Hitachi Energy consentirà a SSE Renewables e ai suoi partner di trasmettere l'energia del parco eolico di Dogger Bank, il più grande parco eolico offshore del mondo. Una volta ultimato, il parco eolico di Dogger Bank sarà collegato alla rete elettrica del Regno Unito e potrà trasmettere l'elettricità rinnovabile che genera per alimentare 6 milioni di abitazioni britanniche.

Il parco eolico offshore di Dogger Bank è una joint venture tra SSE Renewables, Equinor e Plenitude.

Le nostre persone e la nostra tecnologia alla base della transizione energetica

Da oltre un secolo, molte delle fabbriche di trasformatori di Hitachi Energy nel mondo sono parte integrante della vita delle persone. Uno di questi luoghi è Ludvika, una città idilliaca immersa in foreste e laghi incontaminati in Svezia, dove si producono alcuni dei più grandi trasformatori del mondo. Dietro ai trasformatori ci sono le nostre persone altamente qualificate e appassionate che continuano a realizzare trasformatori su misura a mano con grande cura. La nostra ricca storia e il profondo legame con questa piccola città hanno permesso alle famiglie di lavorare per noi per decenni e attraverso le generazioni per un futuro energetico sostenibile.