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5 reasons to switch to digitally-integrated power transformers

As the power industry embraces the fourth industrial revolution, many stakeholders are still uncertain what this will mean for them. One thing is clear, there will be a paradigm change in the way power transformers are utilized and their role in grid intelligence infrastructure.

With the profile change in power generation and consumption, it is important that the condition of power transformers and their utilization is well understood. It is therefore critical that asset and operations managers have the right data to provide them actionable information that supports effective operations and maintenance actions.

This webinar on smart transformers will highlight the steps to take advantage of the advancements in understanding transformer condition, sensing solutions and domain knowledge for power transformers.

Benefits of attending

  • Understand the increasing need to monitor power transformers.
  • Identify the right data to provide actionable information that supports effective operations and maintenance actions.
  • Easily optimize asset performance and lifetime productivity.
  • Predictive maintenance actions to avoid the risk of failures.
  • Make cost-effective and reliable sensing solutions decisions together with the data expectations.



Pravin Khanna

Digital Lead, Transformer Intelligence Manager

Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Pravin Khanna currently oversees the Digital Department for Smart Transformers at Hitachi Energy Enterprise, Inc. for the North American market. Pravin’s primary responsibility is to present end users and the Hitachi Energy Product Management Team with digital solutions for power transformers. Pravin has accumulated twenty-eight years of experience in the Power and Specialty Transformer industry with expertise in General Electric, Westinghouse, Asea, BBC, and Hitachi Energy technologies.

In 2000, Pravin joined Hitachi Energy, Inc. in Guelph, Canada, and held several positions in quality and manufacturing in which he offered invaluable insight in implementing process automation for Smart-winding machines and E-core cutting machines. In 2006, Pravin joined Hitachi Energy Transformer Services in Saint Louis, Missouri, where he was responsible for transformer remanufacturing for the North American market.

In 2008, Pravin completed his MBA with Aspen University in Colorado; shortly thereafter, Pravin’s responsibilities expanded to include the international market concerns for transformer repairs and onsite transformer repairs. At this time, Pravin undertook additional responsibilities as the Engineering Solution Manager for the global transformer service market.

Throughout his tenure at Hitachi Energy, Inc., Pravin’s experience and highly specialized knowledge have proven instrumental in contributing to the research & development of transformer condition assessments and monitoring. In 2015, Pravin received a promotion to Director of Marketing and Sales for Transformer Services for the United States and, in 2019, Hitachi Energy, Inc. recognized his indispensable expertise by making him responsible for digital transformers for all of North America.

Tucker Reed

Global Product Manager, Asset Management Solutions

Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Tucker Reed is the Global Product Manager for Hitachi Energy’s transformer diagnostics software. He is also the Business development manager for Hitachi Energy’s Transformer Intelligence portfolio within the US market. His responsibility is to provide value by driving the transition of transformer digitalization through the implementation of asset management solutions.

Prior to his current role, Tucker has held numerous positions at Hitachi Energy including US Transformer Proposal Marketing Manager, Hitachi Energy Gulf Coast Utility/ Industrial Power Sales Representative, and Hitachi Energy Industrial Engineer for HV Dead Tank Breakers. Tucker graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University with a bachelor of science in Industrial and System Engineering.

Thomas Buijs

Sales Manager, Transformer Components & Service

Hitachi ABB Power Grids

Thomas Buijs is based out of Quebec City, Canada.

Graduated from Laval University with a bachelor's degree in physics and then from McGill University with a Master's degree in chemistry.

Has had various roles over 35 years with Hitachi Energy as a development engineer, project manager, product manager, and most recently as global sales manager for transformer monitoring sensors and smart devices.

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Top 5 reasons to switch to digitally-integrated power transformers.