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Energy Services & Consulting Solutions

Hitachi Energy offers energy services & consulting solutions to help businesses optimize their energy performance, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact. Learn more.

Service at Hitachi Energy – Making a real impact for a better world

With increased electrification and demand for electricity brought by the energy transition, the service business is rapidly growing. As a global technology leader, Hitachi Energy is well-positioned to support its customers to advance a sustainable energy future for all.

Advancing a sustainable energy future is not achieved purely by making best-in-class and pioneering technology products – it takes relationships and collaboration delivered through committed experts and support to ensure the right solutions with the best flexibility, efficiency, reliability and availability through their entire lifecycle.​

We know this because today we are trusted partners with service responsibility for exiting assets commissioned over 100+ years of technology leadership. The long relationships with our partners and customers is down to our focus on your success as a customer and the success of your assets – with our flagship standards in health and safety.​

We deliver a comprehensive range of energy services and consulting solutions from our global service network spanning 100 countries – across the full lifecycle of your projects and the full lifecycle of our products.  ​

The businesses that need to connect, move and use electricity at scale, span many sectors – utilities and infrastructure industries like mining and steel and new sectors such as datacentres and eMobility – each of which have very specific business needs.​

So our consulting, advice and services approach is designed to flex to your needs and can be standalone or contracted within a broader agreement providing sustainability-focused services from installation, condition & data monitoring, maintenance optimization, lifetime extension, to upgrading.​

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