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Eco-portfolio for a carbon-neutral energy future

EconiQ is Hitachi Energy’s eco-efficient portfolio for sustainability where products, services and solutions are proven to deliver exceptional environmental performance. EconiQ portfolio is sustainability-oriented in design to deliver a superior environmental performance compared to conventional solutions.

What is EconiQ?

Eco-efficient portfolio for reducing environmental impact and increasing energy efficiency, whilst future-proofing technology investments.

EonciQ Products, superior in environmental performance over comparable convetional products
EconiQ Services transform existing and future infrastructure to reduce environmental impact
EconiQ Solutions are a combination of products and services that result in total superior environmental performance
Our EconiQ journey starts today!

Eco-portfolio for reducing environmental impact, increasing energy efficiency, and future-proofing technology investments.
Contributing to the sustainable development of industry and society.

Our offerings

man walking over rocks depicting econiq in action

EconiQ™ High-voltage portfolio

Game-changing SF₆-free technology

EconiQ™ Transformers

Co-creating for a sustainable energy future

EconiQ™ Consulting

Addressing unique environmental performance needs

EconiQ™ Implementation

Building sustainability practices into daily business routines

Hitachi Energy is reinforcing its commitment towards a carbon-neutral energy future through EconiQ. Building on over 250 years of combined technology leadership, we have been consistently investing to address the growing demand for eco-efficient solutions.

Together with customers and partners, Hitachi Energy is accelerating the energy transition. We continue to lead innovation to lower the environmental impact of our product solutions and we support the quest toward the carbon-neutrality.