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Hyperscale Data Center Energy Solutions

Hyperscale data center energy solutions ensure reliability and profitability through standardized and modular solutions that can be deployed. Learn more today.

As organizations and enterprises process and manage vast amounts of data, hyperscale data centers have not only expanded in size and compute power, but their resulting emissions have also increased.

These large-scale facilities not only need scalability to be able to expand and evolve in-line with changing requirements but require sustainable and customizable solutions that work to prevent outages, reduce environmental impact, and ensure reliability and profitability. 

Scalable and sustainable data center growth

For data center owners, managers, and operators looking to reach net zero ambitions, our complete end-to-end, customer-centric approach personalizes and develops custom designs with your organization’s capabilities and goals in mind.

Our innovative solutions ensure sustainable and reliable electrification – enabling rapid data center growth – with intelligent insight into how your assets are performing.

By partnering with Hitachi Energy, we can provide standardized and modular solutions that are not only grid code compliant but can be easily repeated and deployed for local adaptation, regardless of where you’re based.

The value we bring to hyperscale data centers around the world


Managing the environmental impact on the digital infrastructure and driving toward net zero operations.


Rapidly increase capacity as fast as possible by building reliable new data centers or expanding existing facilities with zero carbon emissions through an innovative and global portfolio.


Avoid site shutdowns and accelerate better coordination through our prefabricated designs that adhere to high standards of health and safety.

Service solutions across your asset’s lifecycle

We are your trusted partner for grid connection and data center electrification, empowering your data center to be cleaner, reliable, and incredibly agile.

Our tailored solutions and 360-degree services ensure you deploy, power, and maintain your assets as reliably and efficiently as possible, across their entire lifetime.

Empower decision-making with real-time asset intelligence and health monitoring, extending your competitive advantage and reducing the occurrence of power outages.

Data center solutions

Secure, flexible and reliable power solutions to achieve sustainable operations.


Green and modular design options reduce project footprint and support faster deployment.

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Tailored solutions and services for hyperscale data centers 

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