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Onshore windmill power plant in northern Germany

Onshore Wind Power

Onshore wind power is a well-established, highly successful and attractive technology for producing large amounts of clean and reliable renewable energy

Hitachi Energy has decades-long track-record supporting the development of onshore wind projects and has extensive experience addressing customer challenges such as connecting and integrating wind power to the grid, navigating complex, highly competitive markets, repowering older systems and increasing the value of the power generated.

The challenges of onshore wind power

As renewable energy solutions replace fossil fuels, there are a variety of challenges to overcome if we are to harness the power of onshore wind energy solutions effectively and efficiently. Notably, the ability to connect and integrate this source of energy to the grid to ensure secure and reliable energy power to all.


It’s essential that grids can remain resilient and become more flexible to adapt to the world’s fast-changing energy demands.  

Hitachi Energy has extensive experience addressing customer challenges such as connecting and integrating wind power to the grid, navigating complex, highly competitive markets, repowering older systems and managing increasing cost-pressure, particularly in the face of more cost-efficient technologies.  ​

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What we bring to onshore wind power

De-risk your projects

Plan your entire project from start to finish whilst optimizing costs through our range of:
• Pre-construction and advisory services
• Energy market projections
• Policy and regulation assessment
• Simulation tools
• And power system consulting

Ensure system reliability and security

We have extensive expertise designing equipment that meets the unique environmental and electrical conditions of onshore wind farms, addresses grid code requirements and enables the transmission of large volumes of onshore wind power to distribution centers.

Accelerate project delivery

Reduce operating expenses, speed up time-to-market and extend the lifetime of your equipment with our digital Lumada asset management and service management solution.

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