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Oil and Gas Energy Solutions

Fossil fuels are still at the forefront of the world’s energy economy. But the game is changing. Global climate concerns are forcing the evolution of this multi-trillion-dollar industry that lies at the center of economies and people’s lives. It’s forcing companies to think, act, and work differently to meet ever changing regulatory, demand and social challenges.  

This transition presents a major opportunity for the industry. But it requires significant investments in emerging technologies and the re-imaging operational processes. How do you minimize costs, maintain safety, and introduce sustainable operations while staying competitive?

That’s where we come in.

Meeting the challenges of a changing energy ecosystem

Hitachi Energy helps our customers be successful at every stage of their transformational journey toward a new energy future. We provide a full spectrum of technologies designed to enhance operational efficiencies and supply reliable and sustainable energy to oil and gas installations.

Our best-in-class power quality and energy management systems are designed to:

  • Enhance the plant operations and business processes our customers need today AND tomorrow 
  • Reduce environmental footprint throughout the processing lifecycle
  • Provide data driven innovation to enhance asset insight, business decisions and financial performance
  • Help facilitate a safer and more productive work environment across the value chain

Digital Solutions for a cleaner, more efficient future

Industry 4.0 Modern Factory: Project Engineer Talks to Female Operator who Controls Facility Production Line, Uses Computer with Screens Showing AI, Machine Learning Enhanced Assembly Process

Asset intensive industries have powered the global economy for well over a century with many now digitally transforming their operations to reduce their impact on the environment and increasing competitiveness by becoming more agile and making more data-driven decisions.

Digitalization creates real business value by unlocking reliability & resilience, safety and security, and perhaps most importantly, flexibility. 

Who’s having success with Hitachi Energy

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Hitachi Energy has the resources and expertise to bridge the gap between today’s industry challenges and tomorrow’s interconnected future.