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Women in offshore wind industry

Increasing integration of offshore wind power generation

​The HVDC technology from Hitachi Energy contributes significantly towards a carbon-neutral energy future by enabling large-scale integration of remote renewable energy generation.

Working in close and early engagement together with customers, Hitachi Energy provides market-leading, compact VSC HVDC Light® solutions carefully adapted specifically for the needs in Offshore Wind applications.

​This webinar will highlight point-to-point, hybrid and multi-terminal HVDC solutions that help to reduce the CO2 impact, supporting the green energy transition and the strong global focus on carbon-neutral energy systems.

​We will also touch upon HVDC solutions for energy islands, floating wind and DC grids, that will help to transform electricity system in Europe to rely more on renewables and to increase the offshore wind energy capacity in years to come.

​Join us to learn how the HVDC technology from Hitachi Energy makes it possible to increase integration of offshore wind power generation into the grid and accelerates green energy transition in Europe.


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