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Expertise for maximal reliability of your GIS

Partial discharge is a phenomenon that can occur in most types of high-voltage electrical equipment. Its detection and the interpretation of results is a special discipline which requires knowledge of both the measurement system and product technologies. Detecting Partial Discharge activities at an early stage can prevent severe equipment failures and thus professional data interpretation is critical. Hitachi Energy offers start-up and periodic partial discharge assessments on Hitachi Energy GIS built up on the experience of many events over a long period of time.


Partial discharge detection is best suited for Hitachi Energy's GIS technologies.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Early detection of emergent partial discharge (PD) faults to prevent GIS failures.
  • Avoidance of unnecessary shutdowns due to non-critical or non-PD signals.
  • Modular service concept, enabling the best solution for your individual needs.
  • Specialized and experienced partial discharge engineers at your disposal.

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