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Spare parts

We enable smarter system protection to make your utilities more efficient, more productive, and more economic.

From cradle to grave, Grid Automation Service is there to help you take care of your assets by providing installation and commissioning services, maintenance, replacements, spare parts and consumables, and training. We can also help you extend the life of your assets with extensions, upgrades, and retrofits. When it’s time to retire an asset, we offer end-of-life services that help you do so cost effectively and responsibly.

When do you typically need spare parts?

  • When you want to enhance and acquire your skills and knowledge on Hitachi Energy equipment and software to optimize your investment, we offer basic and advanced product classroom training with the necessary expertise to lead students through lectures and lab exercises.
  • When you need help in defining the optimum time for a replacement or in carrying out a replacement in a well-organized manner, we take care of the installation and commissioning to ensure a smooth transition without any compatibility, safety, or other problems.
  • When you need expert advice on when to replace your equipment or quick and effective replacement, you can count on us and our domain expertise.
  • When you need spares and you want to ensure that you get exactly the right spare part in full working order with configuration tools and requalification, quickly and within the agreed timeframe, we are the right service partner.
  • When you need spares and configuration, we guarantee to supply you with exactly the right spare part in full working order, within the agreed timeframe.
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