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Hitachi Energy Grids Sustainability Partnerships


Our ambition

is to be the partner of choice for a sustainable energy future.​

As the pioneering technology leader, we collaborate with customers, partners and other key stakeholders to enable a sustainable energy future for our generations and those to come.

We will increase involvement in multi-stakeholder partnerships​

The energy transition requires strong collaboration and engagement. We believe that diversity and collaboration equals great innovation. Only if we all work together, can we all reach our targets. ​

Together with customers, partners and other key stakeholders, we are co-creating pioneering technologies that are accelerating the energy transition towards a sustainable energy future. We participate in collaborative groups and long-term partnerships, contributing to sustainable development.​

Examples of partnerships

Hitachi Energy in circular cooperation with Stena Recycling

In our mission to advance sustainable development, we have partnered with Stena Recycling to undertake the disposal of old transformers and reusing or recycling about 99% of its composition. These old transformers undergo processes wherein 64% consisting of metals undergo material recycling while the oil component which comprises 35% undergoes recycling, downcycling or low carbon incineration for energy. Only 1% is unrecyclable scrap and is sent to landfill. Stena Recycling will handle the dismantling and recycling of old transformers with the least possible environmental impact. The smart recycling procedures also offer the possibility to do on-site disassembly and compact waste materials shipment directly to the recycling facility.

Latest news

Hitachi Energy and H2 Green Steel partner to leverage electrification, digitalization, and hydrogen for green steel production

Hitachi Energy today announces that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with H2 Green Steel to leverage electrification, digitalization, and hydrogen to support the decarbonization of the steel industry. 

H2 Green Steel production