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Hitachi Energy - Avanzando hacia un futuro energético sostenible​ para todos

Estamos impulsando el sistema energético mundial para que sea más sostenible, flexible y seguro. Como líder tecnológico pionero, colaboramos con clientes y socios para avanzar hacia un futuro energético sostenible, para las generaciones actuales y futuras.

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Descubre la Sostenibilidad 2030​

Hemos colocado la sostenibilidad en el centro de nuestro propósito y hemos hecho la promesa de contribuir a un futuro energético sostenible.

Sostenibilidad 2030 es nuestro nuevo plan estratégico para la sostenibilidad, que resume nuestros compromisos clave para actuar e impulsar el negocio de manera sostenible.

A través de Sostenibilidad 2030, avanzamos en cuatro áreas clave: Planeta. Personas. Paz. Alianzas.  

Cada una de estas áreas tiene metas corespondientes, las cuales están estrechamente alineadas con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible de la ONU, agregando valor social, ambiental y económico. 

Hitachi Energy está comprometida con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible (ODS) de las Naciones Unidas. Creemos que a través de la Sostenibilidad 2030 podemos hacer una contribución significativa a estos 8 ODS. Haremos esto a través de los objetivos correspondientes en las áreas de Planeta, Personas, Paz y Asociaciones. 

100% Fossil-free electricity

Hitachi Energy has reached its first-step target to use 100% fossil-free electricity in its own operations in 2022, stepping up the pace in achieving its Sustainability 2030 target of becoming carbon-neutral.

Towards carbon-neutral

Electricity will be the backbone of the entire energy system

Our world needs to deliver upon urgent climate change commitments and circular economy. The Energy Transition is key. ​

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EconiQ is an eco-efficient portfolio for reducing environmental impact and increasing energy efficiency, whilst future-proofing technology investments.

Hacia la neutralidad de carbono


Humanising Energy

Our people and technology behind the energy transition
For over a century, many of Hitachi Energy’s transformer factories across the world have been an integral part of people’s lives. One of those places is Ludvika, an idyllic town set amidst pristine forests and lakes in Sweden, producing some of the largest transformers in the world. Behind the transformers are our highly skilled and passionate people who continue to make tailor-made transformers by hand with great care. Our rich history and deep connection in this small town have allowed families to work for us for decades and across generations towards a sustainable energy future.
Fighting wildfires with innovation in Australia
In Victoria, Australia, Hitachi Energy played a significant role in building a climate-resilient and reliable grid, effectively mitigating risks of wildfire in the area. The Spark Prevention Unit is an innovative technology that prevents sparks or arcing from surge arresters, putting a stop to fires breaking out even before they start. Victoria’s resilient grid goes beyond preventing fires, it protects communities, wildlife and the environment.
The quality of life for cities of the future
In Nantes, France, Hitachi Energy’s unique flash-charging technology, Grid-eMotion™ Flash, is helping the city to transition to sustainable mobility. Grid-eMotion Flash enables Semitan, the bus operator, to flash-charge its e-buses within seconds at passenger stops. Moreover, the reduced size of the batteries increases passenger capacity. Thanks to this solution, passengers now enjoy a cleaner, quieter and smoother journey.
Resilience in a remote fishing town
In Cordova, Alaska, we helped to establish a microgrid that supports the adoption of renewable power from multiple sources. This enables the community to reduce its reliance on diesel.