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Product Release Baden, Switzerland 30-06-2021

1 min read

Release of Cybersecurity Appraisal Templates

We are glad to inform that a new collection of documents and templates to support you with Cybersecurity Care Services is now available. With this release, System Hardening is addressed with three documents covering concepts and process, work instructions and a checklist. One additional document supports you on how to deal with firewall and antivirus settings on your own business laptop.

Inspired by original material created by our colleagues in PGGA AC Czech Republic, four new cheat sheets for cybersecurity are also available. They shall support our sales team on daily discussions about cybersecurity. The cheat sheets can be used, for example, prior to meetings with customers to quickly identify the main points of discussion and reference to the topics.

Please remember to use your ABB account when viewing the documents.

The following documents are now available:


Luis-Fabiano Santos

Switzerland - Baden
Global Product Manager