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RTU520 product line

Intuitive insight for distribution systems

Distribution automation product for Hitachi Energy. Interface with your SCADA to obtain a complete understanding of the status of your grid on a distribution level with RTU520. Allowing for the simple integration of renewables into your excising networks. Low power consumption saves costs for uninterruptible power supply and makes your installation greener. Highly customizable design enables the adaptation of input and output modules based on your application requirements.

Your benefits

  • Efficient footprint allows to fit the RTU520 into small control cabinets
  • Intuitive handling allows faster project execution
  • User friendly design enables your employees to work fast and efficient with the products
  • Secure communication in public networks saves time and money and fulfills highest cyber security standards
  • Customizable product solution adapts fast and simple to changing requirements

As your distribution network develops towards an intelligent network you will need more and more independent monitoring and control devices to handle all different tasks. With our RTU520 you will keep your costs down while ensuring a stable supply for your customers.

  • RTU520 takes over the function of monitoring and control of switching devices for pole-top switch monitoring and control applications. The advantage for you is that you save costs for maintenance staff and that you will reduce the average outage duration for each customer (SAIDI).
  • Recent developments bring distributed energy resources into the distribution grid and they need to be controlled in order to protect primary equipment and ensure power quality. With the RTU520 you can monitor and control the distributed energy resources (DER). This enables you to focus on the critical tasks of network management while the RTU locally controls DER.
  • In the automation of secondary substation and ring main units the RTU520 monitors and controls your transformer and intelligently handles loads.
  • Electrical distribution network
    • Pole-top switch monitoring and control
    • Capacitor bank automation
    • Demand response management
    • Automation of DER
    • Energy storage
    • Automation of secondary substation / ring main unit
    • Transformer automation and control
  • Oil and gas application
    • Wellhead automation
    • Pipeline supervision
  • Water distribution network
    • Monitoring and control of pumping stations
    • Monitoring and control of water reservoirs 

The RTU520 can be easily engineered thanks to its easy and intuitive handling. Features like quick tips and drag and drop functionality make the engineering as easy as never before.

In addition the RTU520 offers the option of a basic engineering in only a few steps or a pre-configured RTU, allowing the split between the main configuration on RTUtil realized by the engineer and the finalization of the last settings by the installer in the station.

Basic engineering

  • Guided engineering workflow
  • Engineering interface integrated in RTU
  • Online help with direct online link to documentation, case sensitive
  • Supporting material and installation guide available


  • Easy configurations can be done in 4 simple steps
  • Cyber security functions in our product
  • Easy and simple configuration
  • No training required

Pre-configured RTU520

  • Configuration is done once in RTUtil and can be replicated as often as required
  • The Parametrization can easily be done on site with the user friendly web server
  • Saves a huge amount of time, as the configuration only needs to be done once
  • Increases productivity: The parametrization on-site, can be done from the installer on site.
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Monitoring and control of water reservoirs    

The RTU520 Starter kit is an excellent way to get the full experience of how the RTU520 works. Thanks to the accompanying Starter Guide and the RTU520 Starter Kit itself being so easy to use, configuration has never been more uncomplicated. With no training even required, it is just to forget about long confusing instructions, tangling endless wires and ponderous products.

The RTU520 Starter kit is as simple and petite as can be, while still having all the features and functions needed, making it easy for you as a customer to see the benefits and how the RTU 520 really works. The RTU520 Starter kit gives you a chance to try for yourself and configure in only four easy steps, while sitting next to your own computer.

Your benefits include:

  • Compact design equipped with all required modules to start your RTU
  • Easy configuration in 4 simple steps, thanks to guided online engineering tool
  • Try yourself and experience all the benefits on your own

Application example

Your RTU520 starter kit comes with all needed components to try the advantages of the RTU520 yourself, including installation guide, USB stick with driver and connecting cable. In a few simple steps you can try different applications and configurations from your desk without even leaving the office. This way you can get a first insight view in the full range of benefits the RTU520 brings.


The RTU520 Starter kit contains a Communication unit (CMU) 520CMD01, a Power supply unit 520PSD01, AC/DC converter to connect to 110/230 VAC socket, simulation for binary inputs and two IO input boards, 520BID01 that contains 16 binary inputs in addition to 520BOD01 containing 8 binary inputs, making it easy to see how they work, as well as how it would be using the RTU520 Starter kit in your substation.

Get to know more

520CMD01 Communication unit

DIN rail mounted base module RTU520:

  • 1x Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
  • 3x serial (2x RS485, 1x RS232)
  • 1x USB configuration interface
  • Direct connection up to 8 I/O modules
  • Additionally extendable with up to 8 I/O modules with 520ADD01
  • SD card slot
  • Battery buffered real time clock optionally available

520PSD01 Power supply unit

DIN rail mounted base module RTU520:

  • Input voltage: 24 VDC, 20 W
  • Cooling by natural convection
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • LEDs for supervision of the output voltages
  • Supply up to 16 RTU520 IO modules possible
  • Efficiency: 85%

520BID01 Binary input module

  • 16 binary inputs with 2 groups and common return for 8 inputs
  • Galvanic isolated via opto coupler
  • 1 LED per input
  • R0001: 24-60 VDC, R0002: 110/125 VDC
  • Time stamping: 1 ms resolution
  • Single or double indication
  • Counter inputs (max 25 Hz)
  • Bit string indication (8 bit, 16 bit)

520BOD01 Binary output module

  • 8 command outputs, with relay outputs
  • 1 LED per output
  • Switching voltage: 150 VDC, 240W resistive load
  • Max. current: 10 A @ 30 VDC
  • Single or double commands
  • Regulation commands
  • Digital set points (8 bit)

520AID01 Analog input module

  • 6 analog inputs, 
  • R0001: for mA signals (2,5 mA, 5 mA, 10 mA, 20 mA, unipolar, bipolar)
  • R0002: for V signal (1 VDC, 10 VDC, unipolar, bipolar)
  • AD converter resolution 13 bit
  • Automatic zero calibration
  • Accuracy for mA signals: 0,25%

520AOD01 Analog output module

  • mA signals (2,5 mA, 5 mA, 10 mA, 20 mA, 4…20 mA, unipolar, bipolar)
  • V signals (1,25 VDC, 2,5 VDC, 5 VDC, 10 VDC, unipolar, bipolar)
  • Configuration with DIP switches
  • Unipolar, bipolar, live zero setting by software configuration
  • Accuracy: 0.25 %

520PTD01 Module to measure temperature (PT100)

  • For direct connection of PT100 elements for 2/4 wire connection
  • 6 inputs available
  • Temperature range:± 200°C
  • Resolution:12 bit
  • Automatic zero calibration
  • Accuracy: ± 1°C (-25°C…125°C)
  • Conversion time (50 Hz): 80 ms 

520ADD01 input/output adapter

DIN rail mounted base module RTU540

  • To extend Wired Or Bus (WRB) with additional RTU520 I/O modules
  • Number of modules selectable via jumper at front side (4 or 8)
  • Input: WRB, ribbon cable
  • Output: WRB, ribbon cable

520ADD02 input/output adapter

  • To extend WRB to decentralized locations
  • Number of modules selectable via jumper at front side (4 or 8)
  • Input: WRB
  • Output 1: fiber optical interface (multimode)
  • Output 2: RS485

520ADD03 input/output adapter

  • To convert RS485 or fiber optical connections to WRB at decentralized locations
  • Requires 520PSD01
  • Up to 16 I/O modules supported
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