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Grid-eMotion™ Flash

Charging in 20 seconds

Previously known as TOSA, this flash-charging technology allows for ultra-fast charging at intermediate stops optimizing operational cost and availability for fleet operators.

The Grid-eMotion™ Flash charging solution is a viable solution for urban mass transit, making catenaries, large and heavy batteries, range and schedule limitations as well as greenhouse gas and noise emissions a thing of the past.

Hitachi Energy has developed and optimized its flash-charging technology and onboard traction equipment for high-frequency and high-capacity bus routes. By selecting the appropriate technologies and ensuring optimal energy management, the system can save as much as 1,000 tons of CO2 on a bus line covering approximately 600,000 kilometers per year. In addition, the e-bus’ energy costs are 30 percent below those of a diesel bus.


  • Fully automated fast charging stations installed at some bus stops
  • Catenary-free operation
  •  20-second charging time
  • Short-range and cost-optimal onboard batteries
  • Battery capacity from 70 to 130 kWh
  • Solution for 18 and 24 meters buses
  • Zero-emission mass transit solution
  • No communication required between infrastructures and buses
  • Same time table, frequency, quantity of passengers and buses as diesel fleet
  • Energy storage for peak shaving can be proposed according to local grid requirements and line operation



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