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Customer Success Story

Matam, Kayes, Dragana

Series capacitors for Mali-Senegal 225 kV power interconnector

A total of five series capacitors, supplied and installed by Hitachi Energy, are in operation in a 225 kV power transmission corridor stretching more than 800 km from the 225 MW Manantali hydroelectric dam and power station in Mali to the load centers in the western parts of Senegal and the west coast of Africa. The owner and operator of the series capacitors is SOGEM, Société de Gestion de l´Energie de Manantali, responsible for generation and transmission of Mali, Senegal and Mauretania.

High voltage equipment for five substations, power transformers as well as shunt reactors are also part of the Hitachi Energy undertaking.

By means of the corridor, the rich hydropower resources of the Manantali dam and power station are coming to the benefit and aiding the economical growth of three countries: Mali, Senegal and Mauretania. The purpose of the series capacitors is to safeguard stable power transmission over the vast distances in question.

Main data
System FSC
Commissioning year 2000
Rated power 22,5 Mvar
 System voltage 225 kV
 Rated current 500 A
 Overload current 1,1 pu for 8 hours
1,35 pu for 30 minutes
1,5 pu for 10 minutes
 Rated reactance 30 ohm
 Degree of compensation 50 %