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Why is hydrogen critical for the future net-zero society?

Is hydrogen revolution a hope or a hype? Our experts will discuss this topic and try to shed some light on green hydrogen as the fuel for the future, and the untapped potential of this type of energy.

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Karla Laínez

Technical Consultant Strategy and Technology Transformation
Hitachi ABB Power Grids

​Karla Lainez is Senior Consultant for Power Consulting Sweden in Hitachi Energy. She studied MSc. Electrical Engineering at Polytechnic University of Madrid, in Spain. She merges technical, regulatory and economic knowledge to provide agnostic and ad-hoc solutions to our customers and to add value to their operation.

Andrés Obando Montaño

System Studies Manager - Principal Consultant
Hitachi ABB Power Grids

​Andrés holds a Ph.D in electrical engineering related to wind energy integration into the power network. He joined Hitachi Hitachi Energy in January 2018 to work within the power consulting team and is now a Principal Consultant and System Studies Manager within the Spanish team. He has around 10 years of experience in power systems and energy technologies, especially in grid integration studies. Andrés also has relevant experience in optimal energy storage sizing and management for vehicle applications and hybrid renewable plants.

Alexandre Oudalov

Program Manager "Power Systems of the Future"
Hitachi ABB Power Grids

​Alexandre Oudalov is in charge of research program entitled “Power Systems of the Future” in Global Market Innovation in the Hitachi Energy in Switzerland. In this role, he investigates the mid- and long-term implications of the ongoing changes in energy systems worldwide, primarily driven by the new renewables, distributed resources and coupling of energy sectors and identifies future technology needs such as active T&D grids, short and long term energy storage, demand flexibility to accommodate higher share of variable renewables and electrification of heating, transport and manufacturing sectors. He holds a PhD degree in electrical engineering (specialization in power systems) from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. In addition, Alexandre serves as an international expert in the European Technology & Innovation Platform Smart Networks for Energy Transition and in CIGRE.

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