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Face to face training

Training and Communications Programs

An inclusive, two-way approach to personal accountability and responsibility for every employee

Face-to-face training sessions allow for real-time interaction and discussions of difficult issues, allowing every employee time to receive additional guidance as needed.

Face-to-face training is required for all of our employees worldwide on the Hitachi Energy Code of Conduct and Anti-Bribery and Corruption. Hitachi Energy stands by the fact that face-to-face training has the highest impact and the company makes every effort to commit time and resources to educate and empower our employees.

Additional face-to-face training courses are tailored to different audiences at higher risk. Selected integrity topics such as antitrust and integrity leadership are provided to employees in appropriate positions and functions. Face-to-face training sessions create constructive dialogue through the business and provide time for employees to work through and learn from real examples within Hitachi Energy.