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Integrated engineering and economic analysis of the electric power grid

GridView is a powerful and user-friendly market simulation and asset performance evaluation tool that enables faster, more informed planning and operational decisions. GridView models transmission and security constrained optimization of the system resources against spatially distributed loads, producing accurate forecasts of power system utilization levels and power flow patterns.

Simulate Complex Scenarios. Model the market operation of an entire electric power system under constrained transmission to study operational and planning scenarios quickly and accurately.

Efficiently Manage Risks. Accurate simulations enable you to rapidly adapt to constant industry changes so you can manage risks more effectively.

Make Better Decisions. Our advanced analysis methodology uses an integration of a complex engine and user-friendly GUI to provide users with invaluable information (including transmission congestion costs and line flow, renewable dispatch, sub hourly LMPs, loss of load values, etc.) for generation and transmission planning, operational decision making, and risk management.

Run Faster Simulations. Designed to improve simulation speed  and accuracy, GridView is built using the latest software tools on a scalable architecture.

Ease of Use, Ease of Understanding. Our intuitive interface design and visual representation of results enable users to manage databases efficiently and understand the results easily.

Trusted by ISOs. GridView is widely used in California and the western region of the United States and is the transmission planning solution of choice at major ISOs.


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