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Grid Automation Shield Program

The Grid Automation Shield program offers a package of services to map and track the installed asset base, providing up-to-date information about the product lifecycle and the associated services required to keep the products and systems under optimal operating conditions.

Included in the program is the customer-oriented Collaborative Operations Portal. Customers with service agreements can use this portal to access to all relevant information for their installed assets. We deliver exclusive services for maintenance, evolution and continual enhancement of the installed base of our Automation & Communication products and systems.

Subscription levels

Access to the Grid Automation Shield program and the Collaborative Operations Portal is done via a subscription model. 

Subscriptions available are:

Bronze subscription - A free subscription offering valuable, basic information oriented to the installed base. 

Silver subscription - Designed for customers who are focused on regularly maintaining the IT security status of their automation systemS as well as getting web access to relevant system information. 

Gold subscription  - This more advanced subscription offers a higher level of services, including support for the Remote Access Platform from our Remote Response Services. A site audit is typically recommended for this subscription.

Our services

Via a set of dashboards, the portal presents essential information about the installed asset base, such as:

  • Detailed information about the installed base
  • Lifecycle status and history
  • Site information like installed product version, site address and site contacts
  • Map with location of the assets
  • Updated lifecycle status and history of the installed base
  • General access to product documentation
  • Access to specific documentation based on product version
  • MicroSCADA monthly patch compatibility report
  • Better support for the operation and maintenance of the systems over the entire lifecycle our products
  • Easy way for customers to contact designated substation automation and communications service teams

And much more.

Grid Automation service agreements

Benefits of the program


  • An easy way for customers to get in contact with our service teams responsible for stations under service agreement
  • Updated lifecycle status and history of the installed base, including access to related documentation of product versions
  • Fast response to issues related to product lifecycle and cybersecurity threats, with support to site staff when required

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