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Vegetation Manager for Rail

Limit downtime by managing vegetation around tracks

Climate change has increased the intensity and occurrence of storms which threaten vegetation around railway tracks and may create a risk for transportation.

Hitachi Vegetation Manager helps you optimize your cut planning and reduce storm impact. We equip you with the tools to predict and prevent catastrophes, crippling network outages or service disruptions caused by stress-induced vegetation. 

Indian express train running through the green forest over a bridge in Konkan route.

Hitachi Vegetation Manager

A closed-loop digital solution for field work planning and track maintenance, especially in remote or unmanned regions.

How it works

Hitachi Vegetation Manager connects the right people with the right information to make informed decisions about vegetation control around your networks. This includes:

  1. Data collection: Real-time view of the vegetation around your tracks or yards, integrated with Maxar’s best-in-class satellites.
  2. Risk ranking & prioritization: A customizes list of vegetation risks for any given territory along your network based on tree species, health, height and growth rate.
  3. Maintenance planning: Mobile apps for your field crews to plan & complete their work orders directly from the job site.

This solution was tested in field with a customer who was able to:


Spend your O&M budget wisely 

Make the most of scarce resources and your budget by empowering vegetation managers with insights to make the right decisions. Focus on your mission; we’ll handle the planning. It’s time to modernize vegetation management with Hitachi vegetation manager for rail.


70% of network outages caused by fallen trees could have been prevented.


Increase in vegetation-related maintenance costs caused by climate change.