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Low-voltage capacitors CLMD

Low-voltage dry capacitors for low power factor and power quality problems

As a source of reactive power, Hitachi Energy low-voltage capacitors provide significant improvement of power quality and reduction in energy costs by:

  • Reducing or eliminating expensive utility penalties for low power factor 
  • Reducing power losses in cables and transformers
  • Increasing power transmission capacity in cables
  • Increasing available transformer capacity
  • Improving voltage stabilization in long cables

The CLMD capacitor family includes the following capacitor types: CLMD13, CLMD33S, CLMD43, CLMD53, CLMD63, CLMD83, CLMD03 and the CLMD03 power module (PMOD03).

The PMOD03 is an all-in-one compact and pre-wired power module (including capacitor, contactor, fuses and discharge resistor), especially developed to allow easy capacitor bank manufacturing with a significant cost minimization.


Low-voltage capacitor units CLMD are used in industrial and commercial installations.

Why Hitachi Energy?

The low-voltage dry capacitors CLMD offer customers best-in-class reliability, flexibility and peace of mind, thanks to:

  • Dry type design
  • Unique sequential protection system
  • Hitachi Energy in-house metallized film giving excellent dielectric properties
  • Heavy-duty enclosure
  • Long life
  • High reliability
  • Comprehensive range
  • Light weight, easy to install
  • Complies with international standards, CE marked
  • Environment friendly
  • Very low losses
Brief performance data
Connection 3-phase (single-phase available on request)
Voltage range From 220 V to 1000 V
Net output power Up to 130 kvar
Reactors Combinations with reactors possible
Discharge resistors Safe discharge to less than 50 V in 1 minute
Protection degree IP42 (IP52 on request)
Case material Zinc electroplated mild steel
Execution Indoor
Maximum ambient temperature +55°C
Minimum ambient temperature -25°C
Losses <0.5 Watt/kvar for 380 V rated voltage and above
Tolerance on capacitance 0% + 10%
Altitude Up to 1000 m
CLMD03 Power Module  
Connection 3-phase
Voltage range 400 V and 415 V at 50Hz
380 V and 480 V at 60Hz
Net output power 25 or 50kvar
Discharge resistors Included
Discharge less than 50 V in 1 minute
Protection degree IP00
Case material Aluminum
Execution Indoor
Maximum ambient temperature Class D according to IEC60831:
Maximum average over 1 year: 35°C
Maximum average over 24h: 45°C
Maximum: 55°C
Minimum ambient temperature -25°C
Capacitor losses <0.5 Watt/kvar (discharge resistor losses included)
Tolerance on capacitance 0% + 10%
Altitude Up to 1000 m

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