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Metal enclosed capacitor banks EMPAC

Fixed metal enclosed reactive power compensation bank for distribution substations and for wind farms

The EMPAC is a metal-enclosed fixed capacitor bank installed to provide fixed capacitive reactive power compensation. The EMPAC improves the quality of the electrical supply and the efficient operation of the system. Its installation has other beneficial effects on the system such as: improvement of the voltage at the load, better voltage regulation, reduction of losses and reduction of investments in transmission.


  • Suitable for applications with little space thanks to its compact design
  • Available for indoor/outdoor installation 
  • Available with and without SF6 circuit breaker depending on the customer needs
  • Applications up to 36 kV

Why Hitachi Energy?

The capacitor bank EMPAC comes with:

  • Compact design resulting in a small footprint and height 
  • Fully enclosed design protecting live parts.  Interlocking scheme between circuit breaker and grounding switch is always fitted for personal protection. Live line indicators as well an integral interlocking scheme are also available on request.
  • Same footprint and volume in case of Mvar expansion (within the same enclosure)
  • Very easy handling and lifting. No additional assembly required on site.
  • SF6 breaker mechanically staggered for synchronized switching where switching transients are critical (optional)
  • Very easy replacement of components in the event of malfunction

Brief performance data

Rated voltage From 1 kV to 36 kV
Maximum output 10.6 MVAr at 24 kV / 16 MVAr at 36 kV
Capacitor configuration Double star/single star (on request)
IP rating IP23 - IP44
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz
Standard IEC or equivalent
Location Indoor or outdoor
Temperature -25°C / 55°C
Short circuit current 40 kA for 1s
Circuit breaker SF6 - 3 pole
Inrush reactors Epoxi resin cast
Current transformers Epoxi resin cast - X/5 A
Earth switch Air insulated
Optional Fast discharge reactors
Live line indication
Protection relay

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