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Pantograph disconnector GW54

Maximum reliability and minimal maintenance

The GW54 disconnectors are available up to 550 kV, 5000 A and 63 kA.  The four solid pantograph arms have a large open/ close range to provide reliable on-position connection.  The contacting area between fixed and moving contacts is designed to provide excellent electrical conductibility. The parallel connection lowers circuit resistance. Some other noteworthy features of the GW54 disconnector are:

  • Minimized contact resistance
  • All joints connected through rotating contacts having incomparable performance on reliability, sealing, conductivity and anti-corrosion
  • Transmission parts  insulated from conducting parts by nylon tubes
  • Mechanism  housed in an aluminum enclosure protecting against ice and pollution
  • Interlocking for reliability under extreme conditions
  • Ice breaking capacity


The appropriate use of GW54 pantograph disconnector is when busbars are arranged at two different levels. The GW54 pantograph disconnector is suitable for installation in substations with small installation area.

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Worldwide experience
  • Maximum reliability and minimal maintenance
  • Energy efficient solution
  • Easy and quick erection
  • Reliable and smooth operation
  • Suitable for wide range of environmental conditions

Brief performance data

Rated voltage (kV) 145 245  420 550
Rated current (A) up to 5000
Short time withstand current (kA) up to 63
Power frequency withstand voltage
· against earth 275 460  560 620
· across isolating distance 315 530  750 800
Lightning impulse withstand voltage
· against earth 650 1050  1425 1550
· across isolating distance 750 1200  1425 (+240) 1550 (+315)
Switching impulse withstand voltage
· against earth - -  1050 1175
· across isolating distance - -  900 (+345) 900 (+450)

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