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HVDC Classic (LCC)

High power transmission

HVDC LCC, by Hitachi Energy called HVDC Classic, is primarily used for connecting remote generation over long distances, Grid interconnection and DC links in AC grid, overland or subsea, where conventional AC methods cannot be used.

Today there are more than 170 HVDC LCC installations in all parts of the world. The HVDC Classic transmission typically has a power rating of more than 100 megawatts (MW) and many are in the 1000 – 12000 MW range. 

With HVDC Classic from Hitachi Energy, it is possible to transmit power in both directions and to support existing AC grids in order to increase robustness, controllability and stability of the grid.

What is HVDC Classic?

  • Most economical way to transmit high power over long distances
  • Long submarine cable connections possible
  • Around three times more power in a right-of-way than overhead AC 
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