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Voltage Transformer EMF (52 - 145/170 kV)

Capable of withstanding the harshest environments

EMF inductive voltage transformers are of single-phase design and intended for connection between phase and ground in networks with insulated or direct-grounded neutral points. It is being manufactured and delivered since the 1950s.

In the EMF version the unique quartz filling minimizes the quantity of oil and allows a simple and reliable expansion system, whilst the EMF-E offers an oil-filled light weight version.


  • Revenue metering 
  • Protective relaying 
  • System control and indication of power flow

Why Hitachi Energy?

  • Our experts can assist and advise you with advice on finding the optimum solutions for your site conditions 
  • Designed for a wide range of conditions, from polar to desert climate 

Brief performance data

    EMF EMF -E
Installation   Outdoor Outdoor
Design   Inductive type Inductive type- light version
Insulation   Oil-paper quartz Oil-paper
Highest voltage for equipment kV 52 - 170 52 -145
Voltage factor (Vf)   Up to 1.9/8 hrs Up to 1.9/8hrs
Insulators   Porcelain/polymeric Porcelain/polymeric
Creepage distance mm/kV ≥ 25 
Longer on request
≥ 25 
Longer on request
Ambient temperature ºC -40 to +40 
Others on request
-40 to +40 
Others on request
Design altitude m Maximum 1000
Others on request
Maximum 1000
Others on request

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