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Semiconductors for industries

At the heart of the world’s industries

From pumps and fans in the metal and paper industry, roller tables in steel mills, hoists and winches in harbor cranes or propulsion of ships, Hitachi Energy's reliable and efficient semiconductors play a critical role. Used extensively in variable speed drives to control the torque and speed of motors, semiconductors bring the ultimate in reliability and performance demanded by these industries.

In Sohar, Oman, one of the world’s largest aluminum plants uses five high current rectifiers featuring power semiconductors. The rectifiers are rated at 103 kilo-ampere (kA), 1650 volt (V), each providing some 650 mega-watts (MW) of total power. 

Applications summary:

- Medium voltage drives (MVD) 
- Welding 
- Softstarters 
- Excitation systems 
- Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS) 
- Rectifiers 

Semiconductors for industries

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