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Semiconductors for transmission and distribution

Power semiconductors are a key element in an increasing number of Hitachi Energy products and systems taking a lead role in almost all electrical applications. Built into systems that allow higher power in existing grids and enable transmission with lower losses, they contribute to an efficient distribution of electrical energy. Hitachi Energy's semiconductors enable electrical energy up to 6 gigawatt (GW) to be transmitted through HVDC (high-voltage direct current) lines at 800 kilovolt (kV).

In FACTS (flexible alternating current transmission systems) power semiconductors help ensure stable grids and minimize reactive power.

For systems where better control possibilities are required, Hitachi Energy has developed HVDC LightTM based on IGBT press-pack technology (StakPak modules). One example is the offshore wind farm Borwin1, in the North Sea. Featuring HVDC Light the offshore wind farm is capable to transmit 400 MW into the German grid.

Hitachi Energy presents the first IGCT-based multilevel static frequency converter available on the rail market – Rail SFC Light provides following benefits:

- Maximum energy efficiency

- Real redundancy in the power-electronics part makes it possible to design highly available systems

- Robust converter design for maximum safety in case of failure

- Excellent reaction to events in the railway and utility networks

- Quick and very easy maintenance

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