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Your flexible and reliable protection solutions for power systems.

The proven COMBIFLEX® relay family and modular  building system offer flexible and reliable protection  solutions for a range of applications. You can also  combine COMBIFLEX auxiliary relays with Relion®  protection and control family products, or other  protection relays, to add functionalities such as lock-out,  lock-out reset or external contact reinforcement. 

Using  the COMBITEST test system together with, for instance,  the Relion family IEDs, provides a safe, secure and  easy-to-use method of secondary injection testing of a  protection system when performing commissioning and  maintenance.

The COMBIFLEX building system features unique flexibility  for designing various protection schemes. The wide range  of different mounting and casing alternatives allows the  COMBIFLEX‑based protection system to adjust to any space  and functionality requirements.

The COMBIFLEX mounting system has been shaped from  decades of practical experience of the assembly of complete  relay and control systems. The system is based on the  19‑inch rack standard which permits a simple combination of  products using the same international standard. Every part  of COMBIFLEX integrates perfectly forming well‑functioning  panel designs. The combination of Relion IEDs and  COMBIFLEX relays allows you to utilize the space in a cubicle  in an optimum way.



A Reliable, Safe, and Compact Relay Test System for The Modern Power Grid

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