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Release of Relion® SAM600-IO version 2.2

Relion® SAM600-IO is a key element in enabling digital substations.

Relion® SAM600-IO is released as version 2.2.1.


We are pleased to announce the release of Relion® SAM600-IO version 2.2 as a key element for enabling digital substations. Relion® SAM600-IO joins the SAM600 family of process-level equipment. It interfaces primary apparatus to IEC 61850 process bus.

The SAM600 product family addresses the growing market of Digital Substations with IEC 61850 compatible merging units interfacing conventional current and voltage instrument transformers. With the introduction of Relion® SAM600-IO version 2.2, we further enhance the product family, specifically for interfacing primary apparatus, such as circuit breakers, disconnectors, earth switches and transformer tap changers to the IEC 61850 process bus directly from the switchyard.

Key system features, such as support for a large number of Ethernet communication ports, HSR and PRP redundancy method, and precision time synchronization following the IEC/IEEE 61850-9-3 profile are available with this release.

Product features and benefits

The following features are included in this release:

  • Relion® SAM600-IO is available in two form factors, 1/1 19” as well as 1/2 19”, facilitating application areas from interfacing primary apparatus of a single feeder to larger applications, such as double busbar (2BB) schemes.
  • With the wall mounting kit, SAM600-IO can directly be mounted in space-restrained areas, such as outdoor marshalling kiosks. Alternatively, frame mounting is also possible.
  • An optional HMI service kit can be ordered for maintenance tasks of the device, such as upgrading the firmware.

  • Control functions are available to handle a single feeder application. For handling more primary apparatus, an option package is available which increases the number of controllable switchgear instances.
  • The number of I/Os can be scaled according to application needs, and the full array of available interface cards from the Relion® 670 series can be chosen from.
  • Relion® SAM600-IO ships with standard four LC communication ports for integration in different IEC 61850 process bus architectures with point-topoint, PRP or HSR communication redundancy schemes. In total, Relion® SAM600-IO can be equipped with up to six communication ports.

PCM600 and IED Connectivity Package for Relion® SAM600-IO product version 2.2

PCM600 version 2.8 together with Relion® SAM600-IO Connectivity Package version 1.0 will be required.

For further details about the connectivity package and its installation, please refer to the release page.

Read me guideline

For further information, please refer to the SAM600-IO version 2.2 read me guideline, 1MRG029656.

Documentation & marketing material

The product guides, technical manuals, technical summary sheets and brochures are available here.

Ordering and delivery

Relion® SAM600-IO version 2.2 can be ordered as of today. For current delivery times, please get in touch with our sales contact at Hitachi Energy Grid Automation Products.


Kind regards,

Thomas Werner
Global Product Manager
Grid Automation Products

Relion® SAM600-IO
power plant engineer for substation

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